Meet Pardot, the B2B marketing automation solution for 欧冠体育app customers.

Align marketing and sales to generate the best leads, keep them engaged, and connect with them at the right time to close more deals.

Generate more leads.

Fill your pipeline with the best leads using powerful email marketing, custom landing pages, smarter lead capture forms, and a central marketing dashboard.

Create personalized touchpoints.

Make every interaction relevant and personalized with intelligent lead nurturing, use dynamic content to deliver targeted messaging based on engagement, and track and optimize your campaigns.

Connect with the right leads.

Prioritize the best leads with scoring and grading, use detailed prospect activity and real-time alerts to reach out at the right time, and nurture non-sales-ready leads with approved marketing templates.

Calculate marketing ROI.

Measure and optimize campaign performance with closed-loop reporting. Create custom dashboards and data views to get a full view of your sales funnel. See how prospects are engaging with your content with advanced email reporting.


You have business needs. We have the gear.

Choose the right package to power your pipeline.


Fuel growth with marketing automation.
$ 1,250
USD/month* up to 10,000 contacts
billed annually


Dive deeper with marketing automation and analytics.
$ 2,500
USD/month* up to 10,000 contacts
billed annually


Power innovation with advanced marketing automation and analytics.
$ 4,000
USD/month* up to 10,000 contacts
billed annually

B2B Marketing Analytics

Connect your marketing automation, sales, and service data to act on predictive insights.
$ 3,000
(billed annually)

欧冠体育app Engage

Empower Sales to connect early, often, and effectively with 欧冠体育app Engage for Pardot.
$ 50
(billed annually)

* This edition requires an annual contract.

This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.


欧冠体育app Engage

Connect sales to customers in just one click with personalized sales campaigns designed by marketing. Understand how prospects are engaging, and use real-time sales alerts to strike while the iron is hot.

Ready to dive in with marketing automation?

Request a guided tour to get a hands-on look at Pardot. You’ll see how easy it is to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns that increase revenue and maximize efficiency.

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